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About Us

The central mission of FOLAR is to conserve and protect the Appomattox River for all to enjoy, the means to this end focuses on a bigger picture that involves developing awareness, cooperation, community support, and overall economic growth of the region.

In keeping with its mission, FOLAR:
• Develops and maintains the Appomattox River Trail (A.R.T.) a 22+ mile trail system with 7 boat access points, 12 miles of walkable riverside trails and 11 riverside parks – all of which FOLAR created, improved, or maintains through its network of volunteers and donors.
• Devotes resources to monitoring and protecting water quality and organizes regular regional river cleanup campaigns.
• Promotes tourism and economic development by hosting and promoting events like the annual “5K Trail Run”, “Battle-or-Paddle'” and “RiverFest.”
• Provides programming to promote regional education and stewardship including educational videos, teacher guides, and outdoor youth programs and the FOLAR Environmental Stewardship Scholarship with the John Randolph Foundation