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Hardwood Mulch Corporation



About Us

Hardwood Mulch Corporation has been serving the nursery industry and professional landscapers since 1975.
When you are dealing with Hardwood Mulch Corporation, you know you can count on fast, dependable service and quality products.

We manufacture double shredded hardwood mulch, which consists of 100% all natural bark and wood. There are no ground pallets used in this material, nor do we apply any type of treatment.

Our line of products includes: Chestnut Mulch, Black Mulch, Walnut Mulch, and Playground Surface Material.
We have been supplying playground mulch, wood mulch, bark mulch to nurseries and landscapers for over 34 years.
We are located in Prince George County, VA. At our facility, Homeowners and landscapers alike may visit and purchase our products.
For Nursery and Landscaping customers, we will be happy to deliver to your location or job sites in tractor trailer load quantities.