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Luke's Baskets & Blessings LLC

Luke's Baskets & Blessings LLC


About Us

At Luke’s Baskets & Blessings, each gift basket I offer is crafted with care, thoughtfulness, and faith. It all began two years ago when I faced the dilemma of what to give a coworker for Christmas. I crafted my first gift basket, which was met with delight. Spurred on by this, I embarked on a mission to spread joy through meticulously curated gift baskets.

However, life took an unexpected turn with the loss of my father, halting my entrepreneurial aspirations temporarily. As a single mother also caring for my mother, the dream of starting a business seemed out of reach. Yet, amidst life's trials, a glimmer of inspiration was reignited when a neighbor, a Veteran recipient of one of my baskets, expressed his wish for baskets to gift his dental office. His request breathed new life into my passion. While my caregiving duties persist, I persevere in pursuing my business goals.

My aspirations extend beyond commerce; I yearn to infuse my endeavor with my faith. As a Christian, I felt compelled to infuse each basket with Scripture cards, imparting messages of hope, and encouragement. Having experienced firsthand the impact of such gestures with a client, I recognize the importance of continual upliftment and support as a single mother and caregiver.

At Luke’s Baskets & Blessings, my mission transcends simply providing thoughtful gifts; I strive to uplift spirits, inspire faith, and sow seeds of belief. Each basket is crafted with love and intentionality, inviting others to join me in spreading joy and faith, one basket at a time.


Happy Clients at Reyes Dental in Lorton, VA
Baskets before delivery to Reyes Dental in Lorton, VA
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 Coffee & Tea Basket Design Sample
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