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Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

About Us

Before he founded Publix, Mr. George worked for a food store in Winter Haven, Florida. Always looking for ways to improve the customer’s experience, he was eager to share his ideas with the owner. But after travelling to the owner’s office in Atlanta he was brushed aside. On his trip home, he knew he wanted to build a company where everyone would have a voice and the doors to communication would always be open. He dreamed of creating a respectful work environment where associates could feel valued and engaged.

In 1930, that dream became a reality when he opened the first Publix and established an open door philosophy. By valuing associates and their opinions, an environment of mutual respect and engagement was created and appreciated by customers. From that moment on, Publix has been encouraging our diverse group of associates to communicate freely with other associates regardless of their level of management. This culture of openness can be found at Publix today among our associates and customers.

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