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TAC-Solutions Recognize & Avoid Dangerous Situations - Concealed Carry and Firearms Training

TAC-Solutions Recognize & Avoid Dangerous Situations - Concealed Carry and Firearms Training


About Us

Keeping your loved ones safe is why we exist! Concealed Carry, Firearms Training and our unarmed classes RADS.

We teach every week CHECK our website for dates and locations.

''Can You Survive 3 Seconds?''™ is an Advanced Concealed Carry Handgun Permit & Defensive Handgun Techniques Class * appropriate for new as well as experienced shooters.
Defensive Handgun Firearms Training is one on one by appointment.
Everything we offer is designed to help you make a Lifesaving decision Quickly & have the Muscle Memory to implement it!
We work hard to provide an exciting informative Tactical Concealed Carry Handgun Safety Class which Exceeds the states requirements.

RADS: Recognize & Avoid Dangerous Situations™ is the umbrella and philosophy all our classes incorporate.
Criminal attacks are often over before Help can Arrive. Experts agree the most important factor in Surviving a Criminal Attack is to have a Personal Safety Strategy before you need it.
During the heat of battle is not the Time to Make a Plan.
Topics include Home, Work and Travel Strategies, Current Criminal Trends, the Psychology of a Criminal & Proper use of Self Defense Devices, Technology Fraud, and Active Shooter Protocols. *Guns are not discussed in these courses*
We offer Customized Programs for:
Places of Worship
Workplace Violence Prevention
Realtor Safety
Your Business or Organization!

Recognize & Avoid Dangerous Situations - Concealed Carry Handgun Permit, Firearms training, Surviving an Active Shooter, classes are provided.


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