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City Leaders Endorsements


February 13th, 2023

Contact: Lauren Fulcher



Colonial Heights Leaders Endorse Glen Sturtevant


Colonial Heights, VA - Mayor Greg Kochuba, Vice Mayor Bobby Wade, and City Councilman John Piotrowski, endorsed Glen Sturtevant today for election to the Virginia Senate. Senator Sturtevant has the experience to support the City of Colonial Heights in the General Assembly and deliver results. State elections are extremely important and this state Senate race is one of the most pivotal this year.


“We are proud to endorse Senator Glen Sturtevant for another term in the Virginia Senate and we are asking you to join us in supporting Glen,” they said in a joint statement. “Glen will be a voice and advocate for our city in the General Assembly. His experience and knowledge of education, veterans’ issues, and the economy make him an excellent representative. Glen is a great defender of Virginia values, and we need his continued leadership in the Virginia Senate.”


Sturtevant said, “I appreciate the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and the City Councilman joining with so many in supporting our vision of putting the “12th Senate District First.” I was raised in Virginia and have been privileged to represent our community over the years. We must elect experienced, common-sense conservative leaders, and these City Council members know I will be a voice for Colonial Heights when I am elected to the Virginia Senate.” 




Glen Sturtevant was elected to the Virginia Senate in 2016 and served his community until 2020. He is also a lawyer who represents veterans all over the country by helping them get the care and benefits they deserve and were promised. He and his wife Lori live in Chesterfield with their four beautiful children.